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VP Supply Chain – EMS / Electonics MFG

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POSITION SUMMARY: The VP of Supply Chain position requires application of in-depth knowledge of professional standards, practices and precedents pertaining to the management of Materials in regards to: Customer Requests for Quotes, Procurement processes and Supplier programs, and Material Manufacturing readiness in an Electronics Contract Manufacturing (EMS) environment, while continuously looking for opportunities to increase sales, reduce material and operating costs, and consistently improve lead-time, quality and schedule.



  • Manage Strategic Sourcing department to ensure competitive Quotations that comprehend the total engagement costs relative to the financial, operational, and commercial elements associated with all incumbent and prospective customers inline with industry and Company standards. Executes to mutually defined and agreed upon business objectives between Company executive management and its customers.
  • Experience utilizing and vision to enhance Quotations software (including CRM) and automation tools, including an understanding and vision for AI.
  • Understand and manage EMS macro and micro market dynamics to ensure competitive Quotes and alignment of Win ratio goals with Executive Management, VP of Business Development and Program Managers for incumbent and prospective customers.
  • Manage Procurement (Buyers/Planners) for the financial, operational, and commercial performance of all customers within cost limitations, established industry and Company standards, and mutually defined and agreed upon business objectives between Company management, its customers and suppliers.
  • Define and implement processes, manage Procurement to be an internal Company spokesperson for the customer, communicating and actioning purchasing requirements and needs to internal Company functional departments, including timely and effective Company Management reviews as needed to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Experience utilizing and vision to enhance Purchasing MRP and automation tools, including an understanding and vision for AI.
  • Define and implement processes, manage Procurement to employ best in industry supply chain processes to achieve annual cost targets/reductions and inventory turns as agreed upon with Executive Management, and implement profit enhancements thru efficiency driven programs such as Vendor Managed Inventory, API’s, Volume Purchase Agreements, negotiated payment terms etc as applicable.
  • Manage Buyers/Planners in establishing milestones with Program Managers to ensure reporting and monitoring of adherence to customer master plans and schedules
  • Have oversight to the management of the alignment between MRP and Sales Order loads to prevent disconnect resulting in material over or under drives
  • Manage Material Kitting (“Incoming”) department for the financial, operational, and commercial performance of all customers within cost limitations, established industry and Company standards, and mutually defined and agreed upon business objectives between Company management, its customers and suppliers.
  • Implement processes and controls of material presentation for high efficiency Manufacturing readiness.
  • Develop and implement processes, manage Strategic Sourcing, Procurement and Material Kitting to ensure customer satisfaction and internal manufacturing index goals are being achieved by using data for various metrics such as:  Quality, On-time Delivery, ECO management, Inventory levels/turns including excess inventory, Quarterly Business Reviews with Suppliers and Customers etc., to continually and consistently measure performance for best in class EMS industry results while reducing Company risk and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Lead Strategic Sourcing and Procurement in the understanding, negotiation and administration of the compliance conditions associated with Quotations, Customer Purchase Orders/Contracts (Terms & Conditions, FARS/DFARS, Statement of Works, etc) involving Company Executive Management and/or Legal as needed in relation to execution of binding Company contracts.
  • Design and execute cost reduction strategies to enhance competitiveness and profitability.  Take lead in building relationships with incumbent and proposed Suppliers while creating cost efficient and accretive contracts.
  • Represent Strategic Sourcing and Procurement function in regular customer meetings with Program Managers that execute strategies to optimize account profitability, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Collaborate with Program Managers to maintain 12-month rolling visibility into customer demand in support of internal planning requirements.  Implement strategies for the procurement of long lead-time items, and properly account for and communicate all material transactions in the ERP/MRP to Program Managers for presentation to customer.  Hold Program Management accountable for execution of customer material commitments
  • Work with Company Executive Management and Facilities on required capital expenditures; lead Strategic Sourcing and Procurement in negotiation of capital expenditures for best in industry terms, price, delivery and capabilities.
  • Recruit, train and develop employees in support of company profitability goals and growth initiatives.
  • Develop and implement control systems and reports that accurately measure progress, identify potential risks/problems in sufficient time for corrective action to be taken through appropriate delegation, personal responsibility and escalation to ensure the meeting of company’s contractual commitments.
  • Manage and incorporate Engineering Change Orders (ECO) and temporary deviations with help from Company staff to establish timing and costing.  Coordinate delivery and cost impact changes and communicate these to the Program Managers and functional areas, as required.
  • Coordination and attendance of critical operational meetings as defined by management and site policies.   


 Take Initiative:  Recognizes opportunities and acts independently.  Demonstrates an ability to move ideas and initiatives forward. Takes initiative and appropriate level of risk. Seeks out approval by Company Executive Management when risk exceeds appropriate level.

Improve Process (Lean) Continuous endeavor to proactively learn, monitor and improve all aspects of a process and its outcome and to develop ways to enhance its future performance.  The ability to apply PDSA philosophy to processes and achieve positive outcomes that will improve quality, exceed customer expectations, enhance employee development, increase process effectiveness and efficiency, and result in a higher ROI.

Foster TeamworkCreates a cohesive work environment where a common goal is achieved through cooperation and mutual respect.  Works across organizational/departmental boundaries to achieve top results.  Works to have employees understand the value of what teamwork can do for them as individuals as well as the organization. Acts in leadership role to ensure employee compliance to processes.  Mentors employees for development needs and career pathing.

Drive for ResultsIdentifies opportunities to improve systems and performance: effectively translates ideas into actions and take necessary steps to implement those changes.  Carries out effective management of resources under shifting priorities.  Is a self-starter who does not wait for direction, and achieves measurable and quantifiable results.

Communication:  Demonstrates effective interpersonal communication skills.  Presents a compelling case for ideas and initiatives through listening and articulating a convincing point of view.

Adaptability and Flexibility:  Can adjust and reprioritize in a quickly changing work environment while remaining both productive and positive.

Manage Execution:   Ability to source, strategize, develop, implement, manage and continually follow-up on key projects as self-directed or assigned while managing all Executive risks.  Management of all executive analysis, timelines, metrics, funding and resources to ensure project completion at or before schedule.

Decision Making:  Demonstrates ethically based business judgment and problem solving skills, brings problems with solutions.  Is analytical and thorough in approach, ensures best implementation process with follow through.

Satisfy Customer:  Consistent customer focused activities to “enhance the Company experience” and fosters advancement in service for both external and internal customers.  Resolve customer related issues in a timely manner and ensure long-term, sustainable processes implemented to eliminate future occurrences.



  • 10+ Years of Combined Experience in Business Management, Engineering, Operations and/or Procurement
  • Bachelor Degree in like areas of experience
  • Fundamental understanding of Contract Manufacturing or Electronic Manufacturing Services
  • Fluent in the functionality of Enterprise Material Planning Systems; preferably InforLN
  • Experienced user of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, etc…)
  • Knowledgeable in the use of Configuration Management Systems
  • Fluent in interpretation of multi-level bill of materials and technical drawings
  • Knowledgeable in GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to drive change thru dynamic business growth; team building mindset with strong mentoring/ training and executive presentation skills


CPIM or PMP certification a plus, however not required.


  • Promotable to Executive Vice President, Supply Chain
  • VP of Supply Chain must meet or exceed objectives defined in their annual personal development plan to be eligible for promotion.  Further considerations of availability of promotion positions are also considered.


* An individual who does not seek promotion could hold this position indefinitely.

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